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Factors That Raise Assault to Aggravated Assault

An assault is a realistic threat of doing violence to another person, even if it is not carried out. Florida law recognizes two different types of assault: simple assault, which Read More

Facing Charges Under Florida’s Tough Cyberstalking Law

Florida has taken an aggressive stance in policing the internet for criminal activity. This includes the broadly defined crime of cyberstalking, which means all forms of nonconsensual electronic communication — Read More

A Threat Alone Can Amount to a Violent Crime in Florida

Defendants charged with violent crimes face penalty enhancements, which means longer prison sentences than those imposed for nonviolent offenses. But what constitutes a violent crime? Under Florida law, it can Read More

Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery: What’s the Difference?

Florida law defines sexual battery and sexual assault as separate crimes, but the two terms are frequently used interchangeably and often incorrectly, leading to confusion and uncertainty for individuals who Read More

Common Cybercrime Charges and How to Fight Them

Law enforcement regards computer offenses by technologically savvy individuals as a serious form of white collar crime. Cybercriminals have engaged in a number of activities intended to take advantage of Read More

When Does Drug Possession Become Drug Trafficking in Florida?

When Does Drug Possession Become Drug Trafficking in Florida? Read More

The Difference Between Dating Violence and Domestic Violence in Florida

Florida law recognizes that family and dating relationships can flare into violence and imposes remedies to protect the alleged victims and punish the alleged abusers. However, the law treats domestic Read More

Dealing With Florida’s Tough Laws on Expungement and Sealing of Criminal Records

An arrest record, even if you’re acquitted or never actually charged, can impede your efforts to get a job, housing, loans and other benefits and can damage your reputation in Read More

Understanding Your Right to Seek Post-Conviction Relief

In the criminal process, mistakes made by police, prosecutors and even judges can lead to unjust convictions and sentences. While it’s common to speak of appealing a conviction, a more Read More

How Violent Crimes are Classified and Sentenced Under Florida Law

In Florida, when a defendant is charged with an offense classified as a “violent crime,” he or she faces a stiffer sentence than is imposed for other forms of criminal Read More

How a Withheld Adjudication Can Allow for Sealing Your Criminal Record

You might think that a criminal charge ends in either conviction or acquittal, but that isn’t always the case. In Florida, an alternative option available to some criminal defendants is Read More

How Restitution Affects Outcomes of White-Collar Criminal Cases

White-collar crimes involve the use of deceptive and surreptitious tactics or abuse of trust to acquire money and other property illegally, such as embezzlement, forgery, fraud, identity theft and money Read More

Drug Courts Offer Defendants Possible Avoidance of Jail Time

Conviction of drug offenses, even for simple possession of controlled substances, can result in jail sentences and ruined lives. However, drug use is often the result of addiction or physical Read More

Protecting Crime Victims’ Rights and Winning Them Compensation

Crime can have a devastating impact on its victims. Violent crimes can leave the innocent dead, injured and emotionally damaged. Senior citizens and disabled Americans may lose their life savings Read More

Domestic Violence Charges and Defenses in Florida

Domestic violence is aggressively prosecuted in Florida. A conviction can have serious consequences for a defendant, including jail time, fines and limitations on contact with his or her children. In Read More

Proving Consent as a Defense in a Sexual Battery Prosecution

In Florida, sexual battery is the statutory term for rape. It is defined as nonconsensual oral, anal or vaginal penetration of another person by use of a sexual organ or Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 36 posts


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