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Orlando Cyber Crime Defense Lawyer

Determined representation for computer hacking and other internet offenses

Since the days of the telegraph, wire fraud has been a federal crime, because the instrumentality used to commit the crime crosses state lines. The same applies to fraud committed via the U.S. mail, the telephone and over the airwaves. Today, the internet is the new frontier for wire fraud. A new generation of skilled technicians can commit a range of theft crimes with a few strokes of the keyboard.

As a result, state and federal authorities are dedicating immense resources to cybercrime investigations and prosecutions. If you find yourself caught up in an investigation into possible use of the internet for illicit gain, you need to secure capable defense representation immediately. At The Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, P.A., you get a proven advocated who is determined to challenge every element of the case against you. Mr. Yates draws on more than 25 years of experience to give you a fighting chance at a favorable outcome.

Common cybercrimes in Florida

Because the internet crosses state lines, criminal offenses accomplished with a computer can be charged as federal crimes. In many instances, special agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation team up with local police to pursue computer hackers and white collar criminals engaged in cybercrime.

  • Identify theft — Stealing someone’s Social Security number or other identifying information or one’s own advantage constitutes identity theft, which is often carried out online.
  • Credit card theft — While there are modes of defrauding credit card companies, the most prevalent one is using a computer to capture and use other people’s credit card information.
  • Phishing — This tactic is using a deceptive email to lure another person into a trap where their identifying information can be accessed.
  • Email fraud — An electronic communication that is used to accomplish or aid in a theft is an act of fraud.
  • Computer hacking — Gaining unauthorized access to another party’s computer records opens the hacker to federal criminal prosecutions well as to civil liability for damages.
  • internet sex crimes — Sending electronic communications of a sexual nature can be a criminal offense depending on several factors, including as the age of the recipient. Another crime is posting sexual images of another person on social media with malicious intent.
  • internet child pornography — Possessing sexual images of a minor on a computer or other form of media invites a separate felony charge for each image. Creating and distributing child porn draws even more severe penalties.

If you are charged with any of these offenses or believe you are under investigation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and work towards the best possible resolution. Mr. Yates understands the elements of the charges the authorities must prove and knows how to assess evidence and to challenge questionable police procedures. When you retain his services, you get an aggressive attorney who will work tirelessly on your behalf.

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A conviction of a cybercrime can not only visit severe penalties but also destroy your reputation and ruin your future. If you face a cybercrime investigation, call The Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, P.A. at 407-608-7777 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.