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Violations of Probation

Aggressive Probation Violation Attorney

Probation is when an offender is placed under the supervision of the State outside of a detention facility. While it is a better alternative than serving a sentence behind bars, there are still a number of conditions that must be satisfied. Failure to adhere to these conditions, or willful disregard of them, may result in a violation and revocation of your probation.

Many probation conditions are provided for under Florida law and include:

  • Reporting to your probation officer
  • Allowing your probation officer to visit you at any location, including your home
  • Finding and maintaining, suitable employment
  • Abiding by any all restrictions placed on your travel
  • Not violating any laws

This list is not comprehensive, as other conditions may apply to offenders on probation for drug offenses or sex crimes. It is important to know the specific conditions of your probation to ensure that you do not engage in any activities that may result in more time behind bars.

Types of Violations

There are two ways in which a probation violation can occur:

  • Technical: A technical violation is when you fail to report to your probation officer; fail to pay any required fees; or otherwise fail to satisfy a condition of your probation.
  • Substantive: A substantive violation occurs when you have committed, or have been charged with, a new crime.

Both violations have serious consequences, and both may result in the revocation of your probation and jail or prison time.

Probation Violation Hearing

If you have been charged with violating your probation, there will be hearing before a judge, who will determine whether you violated your probation. Probation violation hearings, however, are very different from a trial. Many rights and presumptions afforded to criminal defendants are not available to the probationer, which is why it is essential to have an experienced probation attorney represent you at this hearing. Most probationers, for instance, are not afforded bond by a court; an attorney, however, may help secure a bond. Mr. Yates has successfully provided counsel to numerous clients in these matters and he can do the same for you.

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