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Drug Courts Offer Defendants Possible Avoidance of Jail Time

Conviction of drug offenses, even for simple possession of controlled substances, can result in jail sentences and ruined lives. However, drug use is often the result of addiction or physical Read More

Protecting Crime Victims’ Rights and Winning Them Compensation

Crime can have a devastating impact on its victims. Violent crimes can leave the innocent dead, injured and emotionally damaged. Senior citizens and disabled Americans may lose their life savings Read More

Domestic Violence Charges and Defenses in Florida

Domestic violence is aggressively prosecuted in Florida. A conviction can have serious consequences for a defendant, including jail time, fines and limitations on contact with his or her children. In Read More

Proving Consent as a Defense in a Sexual Battery Prosecution

In Florida, sexual battery is the statutory term for rape. It is defined as nonconsensual oral, anal or vaginal penetration of another person by use of a sexual organ or Read More

Reducing a DUI to a “Wet Reckless” in Florida

If you are pulled over by police while driving in Florida and are found to have alcohol in your system, you will likely be charged with driving under the influence Read More

Unlawful Opioid Distribution Carries Harsh Consequences

In Florida and across the country, the “Opioid Crisis” is raging. Drugs such as fentanyl and oxycodone are prescribed legitimately by physicians to treat patients with severe pain management issues. Read More

What Actions Are Punishable as Cybercrimes in Florida?

Computer technology has permeated most every aspect of modern society, chiefly through use of the internet. People’s daily activities, finances and private information are managed and stored online. This provides Read More

Fixing an Inaccurate Criminal Record in Florida

Having a criminal record negatively affects one’s life in countless ways. Finding employment, obtaining professional licenses and borrowing money can become difficult or impossible. A criminal record is detrimental enough Read More

Viewing 1 - 8 out of 8 posts

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