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Violent crimes have always sparked outrage over and above mere property crimes. State authorities aggressively seek convictions and maximum sentences. If you’re charged with a violent crime, you need a defense attorney who believes in you and is willing to fight to deliver a positive outcome.  When you retain The Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, P.A., you get a skilled, accomplished advocate who has fought successfully for more than 25 years on behalf of clients accused of violent crimes.

Violent crimes prosecuted under both Florida and federal law

Most violent crimes are prosecuted under state law, but the U.S. Code does allow the Department of Justice to charge some violent offenses as federal crimes. Common violent crimes in Florida are:

  • Arson — Defined as willfully or unlawfully causing damages by fire or by explosion, arson is considered a violent crime even when the offender does not intend to harm a person.
  • Assault and batteryAssault is a threat of violence accompanied by the apparent ability to carry it out. Battery is the actual offensive contact. The crimes are commonly charged together.
  • Carjacking — The difference between this crime and grand theft auto is that in a carjacking, violence is used to get the car away from the person in lawful possession.
  • Domestic violence —Certain crimes, when committed against a present or former member of one’s family or household, are considered domestic violence
  • Homicide — Causing the death of a human being is a homicide. The degree of the charge depends on whether there was intent to commit a crime and/or to cause death specifically.
  • Kidnapping — The abduction of another person by force or threat of force is a federal offense if the offender crosses state lines with the victim.
  • Robbery — This is the intentional theft of money or property from a person through the use of force, violence, assault or putting in them fear, with or without use of a deadly weapon.
  • Sexual assault — Forcible sexual offenses are crimes of violence that are aggressively prosecuted in state court.

Conviction of a violent crime can draw a heavy prison sentence and a hefty fine. It also creates a permanent record that can mean injury to one’s career, loss of custody of children, forfeiture of a professional license and loss of lawful immigration status. With so much at stake, it’s critically important that you retain a skilled, dedicated defense attorney.

Defenses to violent crimes in Florida

Persons charged with violent crimes can plead self-defense, defense of others or defense of property under certain circumstances. When police respond to a report of an altercation, it is common for all participants to be charged. A skilled criminal defense attorney can thoroughly investigate the circumstances to assemble the evidence necessary to determine fault.

Another important defense to most crimes is lack of intent. A good faith belief that your actions were legitimate or that no harm was intended, if proved, can weaken or defeat the prosecution’s case.

Mr. Yates knows how to challenge the specific elements of a crime. If the offense should not have been charged as a violent crime, he can often negotiate a reduction in charges. If a client has a justifiable reason for using force, it is possible to get the charges dropped altogether.

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Conviction for a violent crime can damage your reputation, compromise your freedom and expose you to civil liability for another person’s injuries. If you face such charges, call The Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, P.A. at 407-608-7777 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.