Florida’s sex offender registration laws are among the strictest in the country. Registration is required for individuals convicted of a wide range of offenses, and this can last for life. If you are facing charges for a sex offense, you need to have an attorney carefully analyze your situation and so that you can fully understand your defensive options.

A Florida statute known as Jessica’s Law requires that anyone convicted of a sex offense be placed on the sex offense registry. Registration means that the individual must provide certain information to the registry and to the local sheriff’s office, including current weight and height, eye and hair color, tattoos or identifying marks, a recent photograph, place of employment, place of residence and vehicles driven.

Florida law classifies sex offenders in three different levels, each with its own specifications for how long the individual must stay on the registry and whether there is any possibility of removal. The levels and their specifications are as follows:

  • Level-one offenders are people convicted of crimes that are seen as less-serious and less likely to lead to repeat offenses. These individuals must report to the registry and to the sheriff’s office at least twice a year for 15 years.
  • Level-two offenders are convicted of more serious crimes and must report to the registry and to the sheriff’s office at least four times a year for 25 years.
  • Level-three offenders must report to the registry and to the sheriff’s office for their entire lives and generally do not have the option of removal from the registry.

Level-one or two offenders who serve their time on the registry can apply for removal. Individuals can also seek removal from the registry if their victim was aged 14 to 17, if they were within four years of age of the victim at the time of the offense and if they have been on the registry for at least 20 years.

Failure to abide by the strict requirements of the sex offender registry can lead to further punishment and interactions with law enforcement. Speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you to understand the sex offender registry terms that apply in your particular circumstances and what you will need to do to comply.

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